iTOVi DNA Nutrition Report
iTOVi DNA Nutrition Report
iTOVi DNA Nutrition Report

iTOVi DNA Nutrition Report

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NOTICE: This is an add-on report for people who have already purchased the iTOVi DNA testing kit.

Have ever asked yourself, or wanted to know,

 - Why do I crave certain foods? And what can I do about it? 

 - How is my ability to feel “full” affected by my genes? 

 - Which types of dietary fat am I most sensitive to?

 - How do my genes set me up to handle protein, carbs, and omega acids? 

 - What about lactose and caffeine? 

Because your DNA influences how your body responds to the nutrients in your food, the Nutrition Report is your key to optimizing your nutritional intake and dietary habits. 

Go beyond the basics of the Balance Report and learn which DNA markers drive your body towards specific nutritional outcomes and eating behaviors—like cravings, responses to different types of dietary fat, sensitivity to caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, how much you eat, and more! By knowing what your nutritional weaknesses and strengths are, you can make conscious changes to your lifestyle and reap the benefits of optimized nutrition!

iTOVi DNA is currently available only to US residents.

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