iTOVi DNA Fitness Report
iTOVi DNA Fitness Report
iTOVi DNA Fitness Report

iTOVi DNA Fitness Report

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Do you want a PERSONALIZED fitness plan to match YOUR body and YOUR fitness goals? The iTOVi DNA Fitness report will help you understand how fitness works for YOUR body, including specifics relating to weight loss, different exercise techniques, various health metrics, and more! 

Whether you are just getting started with regular exercise or just looking to optimize your fitness routine, the iTOVi DNA Fitness Report is your key to making the best fitness decisions for YOUR body.

Have you ever asked yourself, or wanted to know,

- What is my body’s tendency towards weight loss? Or changes in body composition?

- What types of exercise (strength, cardio, etc.) should I focus on—especially to reach certain fitness goals?

- As I exercise, what intervals of time and intensity are best for my body?

- How much are my glucose, fat, HDL-C, triglyceride, hormone, and heart rate levels likely to be affected by cardio?

- How do my genes affect my motivation to exercise and my susceptibility to inflammation, injuries, or addiction? And what can I do about it?

-What wellness products are recommended for my genetic type?

The iTOVi DNA Fitness Report will help you create a fitness plan that is based off of YOUR body and YOUR fitness goals. Use the information stored in your DNA, and the wellness products recommended for your genetic type, to optimize your fitness and see better results!

NOTICE: This is an add-on report for people who have already purchased the iTOVi DNA kit.

iTOVi DNA is currently available only to US residents.

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