iTOVi DNA Beauty Report
iTOVi DNA Beauty Report
iTOVi DNA Beauty Report

iTOVi DNA Beauty Report

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Your beauty is unique to you—so, why wouldn’t you have a beauty approach that is unique to you as well?

And since our genetics make us all vulnerable to different beauty problems, taking the best care of YOU means knowing what makes YOU different, your skin, your face, your body, and underneath it all YOUR DNA.

With the iTOVi DNA Beauty Report, you can find out

What beauty issues am I most likely to deal with as I get older?

What do my genes say about my likelihood of developing liver spots, stretch marks, or glycation? And what can I do about it?

Genetically, how sensitive is my skin to sun damage?

Do I have a tendency towards weight regain or obesity? And what strategies can I use to help me get to/maintain the weight I want?

The iTOVi DNA Beauty Report will help you create a self-care plan for YOUR body and YOUR future. Use the personalized information stored in your DNA, along with the wellness products recommended for your genetic type, to optimize your beauty routine!

NOTICE: This is an add-on report for people who have already purchased the iTOVi DNA kit.

iTOVi DNA is currently available only to US residents.

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