iTOVi DNA Collection Kit
iTOVi DNA Collection Kit
iTOVi DNA Collection Kit
iTOVi DNA Collection Kit
iTOVi DNA Collection Kit

iTOVi DNA Collection Kit

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iTOVi DNA analyzes your DNA to help you 

understand your body’s inherent wellness needs. 

Your wellness needs are then matched to 

specific wellness products you can use to thrive!

  • Find the BEST wellness products for YOUR BODY
  • Learn more about your body’s wellness needs
  • Save money by choosing the most effective wellness products
  • Discover health practices that match with your genetics!
  • Identify nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you’re likely missing out on. 
  • Protect yourself from long term health complications

Family wellness can be greatly supported by 

the use of DNA-based wellness reports.

Imagine knowing at genetically which essential oils 

and supplements would be best for your children!

Support your family’s wellness!

  • Know which BEST wellness solutions family members can share!
  • Identify family members with outlying wellness needs!
  • Discover wellness products suited to specific, gene-based wellness needs
  • Protect YOUR family from long-term health problems!
  • Teach your kids how to maintain wellness routines suited to THEIR bodies.

Business building can be made easier with


Use the science-based, personalized DNA reports to 

help you illuminate the value of wellness products to your clients!

Support your Business!

  • Help your clients understand their own wellness needs
  • Help them see the value in wellness products chosen for THEIR bodies
  • Form the foundations of wellness plans from iTOVi DNA Report information
  • Increase the credibility of your wellness product/habit recommendations!

 Don’t miss out on this wellness game changer!

iTOVi DNA is currently available only to US residents.

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